With Our Facilities, We are able to

Laser Cut a variety of materials.

CNC Flame Cutting
We are able to cut a variety of materials using CNC Flame Cutting Technology
HD Plasma
We deliver consistent results with our HD Plasma cutting Technology

Looking for a quality and affordable specialist with a quick turn around time

our history

PCD has grown from grassroots level in the past 18 years to a specialist niche profile company under the guidance of Garry Furness, who had established himself over the past 44 years as a leader in the engineering business.

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Our Expertise

PCD comprises of a highly skilled, loyal and motivated workforce, who continues to deliver the personal touch, and the company size gives us a competitive advantage in striving for a 24 hour turnaround from placement of your order. There is no customer more important than the one we are currently serving.

Why Choose Us

We are a company that are passionate in what we do:

  • Exceptional Service
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Sustainable
  • BEE Approved
  • Quick Turn Around

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What We Specialise In

Our client base consists of the Mining, Automotive, Furniture and General Engineering sectors.

Materials We can Work With:

  • Mild Steel
    • Plate
    • U Beams
    • I Beams
    • Galvanised
  • Graded Plate
  • Web Plate
  • Graded Material
    • S355
  • Stainless Steel
    • 316
    • 304
    • 3CR12
    • 430
    • Rods
    • Tubing
    • Rectangular Tubing
    • Plate
    • Rectangular Tubing
    • Tubing
    • Rods
  • Aluminium

CNC Flame

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) – Commands are put through to the cutters via a storage medium. Flame cutting hasn’t got the ability to perform detailed products but has the ability to cut through thick materials with ease. Can cut up to 200mm plate (mild steel, bennox, roq-tuf, etc). Preheating to perform pierces.


Using an angled plate with several tonnes of pressure to slice the metal upto a thickness of 8mm.

HD Plasma

HD Plasma has the ability to cut through materials upto 30mm and maintaining a smooth cut. Can cut much smaller and detailed work, doesn’t require heating of the metal for pierce as it uses high pressured gases to do this pierce in a single shot. Using oxygen to cut and nitrogen for stainless steel.


Using a press brake machine to perform bends to metal using certain tools and then applying pressure to perform the bend required. Bending upto a thickness of 10mm with ease for thicker metals ie. 25mm the metal would be heated before to ensure the metal does not crack or break.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting uses a combination of helium Co’2 and oxygen when cutting stainless steel. The machine uses nitrogen and delivers a very high detailed product. Can cut accurately up to 16mm plate, no process is needed after the cut as the laser cutes perfectly using nozzles to get the detail you require and depending on thickness the nozzles vary.

CAD Nesting

CAD (Computer Aided Design) – Using programs on the main computer such as sigma nest, a draftsman uses these programs to program the automated machines such as laser to get the most out of a plate of metal. It allows for multiple parts to be automatically rearranged, this maximizes the use of the material.